Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 13

Less than 2 weeks from weedville and living the dream already! Popped down to the allotment society shed to pick up some growmore and lime for the kale. Really wanted to get the kale bed up and running and get on with the potato bed digging, but far too hot. Popped down at the end of the day to water - nibble of a strawberry, water the new beans, watered the courgettes (some now need taking). Used the comfrey leaf tea Carol said I could help myself to. Even put a can on the strawberries.

Next goals - get the lime on and kale in, sow some french beans to finish the legume plot, and get the potato space started. Tomorrow is a Monday so with a bit of rest from this ridiculous heat, I'll get that lot done while J is at pre-school.

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