Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 1

Tough day. Been at it with the strimmer and dropped the height of the weeds by about 2 feet. Looks better though - finally able to differentiate between paths and weed beds. Found some strawberry plants, what might have been a rhubarb and leant against the bean canes - they disintegrated...

Introduced myself to everyone I saw. Got plenty of carpet, loans of black plastic and some buckets donated to the cause. Also found a decent fork in the shed (nice and long handle - a little bent but ok) an the dustbin turned out to be a burner - now tucked into the back of the shed. I didn't notice a wheelbarrow during my first visit but another little plus. Rusted badly but still solid enough.

Sprayed the 'beds' with glyphosphate and covered them up. I found 6 distinct areas but I'm guessing only 2 of them had been recently worked. Some of my neighbours suggested the plot had only been tinkered with a few times in the last 3 years. Amusingly the council rotavated the plot for the new tenant and I could still find furrows. That said, most of the ground hasn't been walked on - its in surprisingly good heart.

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