Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 0

Ok. So its not day 0 (24 June 2013). Its about day 12. But on day 0 I wasn't sure whether I was going to go through with the whole allotment thing, let alone start a blog.

Got my letter from the council Sunday morning. Signed the documents (site unseen) Monday morning - figured I'd take the site whatever condition it was in. I hadn't looked into whether they typically rotavate the plots for you, or whether all plots are typically passed from the previous user in a usable condition. Wrong on both counts!

On thing about the plot is that I need to be careful with the time commitment. 2 kids and a tough job balanced against recently having gone part time so having a 3 day weekend. So when I first saw the plot I was really disappointed and discouraged.

First thing was to phone the council to confirm that they would give me some time to sort it out. There is a penalty point system and if they were going to play rough, I needed to make a fuss. It seemed they would take into account the original state of the plot.

First photo I took. Did a little weeding first just so I could see the '9'. The shed, old canes across to the dustbin burner on the left are 'mine'.

Second shot just an example of what it looked like. Buttercups (so assuming wet and acidic soil) across everything and my biggest concern.

So, to get motivation back on track I didn't touch the plot but went to B&Q for some boys toys - glyphosphate, a sprayer and a petrol strimmer... Brruuumm brrruummmmmmmmm....

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