Sunday, 4 May 2014

May rain...

First off, I just wanted to get some of the winter work uploaded. Here is the shed before and after several coats and re-felting. Plus a pic of the little man who helped me!

Its early May and the temperatures are pretty much ok - still some evidence of frosts on the forecasts, but nothing we're seeing. But there has been rain. And I mean RAIN! The plot has been a swimming pool at times. I got down there yesterday to weed and check it out. Dug out the old brassica bed, strimmed the grass and tilled the bare ground.

Not the best picture but you can see how wet it is. Tiller has been keeping the ground weed free. The back right was an effort digging (tiller no use to help with that sort of job!) and I chose to put it under plastic to stop the weeds. I'm hoping that the tiller will reduce what's there to a plantable surface once its dried a little.

Brassicas going ok under netting, but I should probably have limed deeper (I've bought some to top dress only) and also piled up the soil more (there is a bit of a mound, but there wasn't really enough soil for big mounds!).

The reason the soil isn't prepared quite as I wanted is that, when I came to take apart the lovely compost heap I found:

Bugger... Had I known it was there I wouldn't have touched it. I've tried to cover it back up, but I'm fairly sure it is deserted now. Shame, but not much that can be done. I will wait until the eggs are taken or hatched!

Last but not least... A few pictures of my soggy helpers taken a few weeks ago...

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