Saturday, 22 March 2014


Went down about a week ago - beginning to dry a little but not ready for planting yet. Bit of digging for exercise really as not doing plot much good!

Flooding has been a real problem so some irrigation ditches dug. There are some ditches round the site, but they're pretty full of debris and there is no way through to them so these ditches are really just to drain the water to the sides.

A little bit of over-wintered veg... Not really impressed to be honest! Too much flooding and bad weather, I'm just pleased to have something growing...

Right... The foreman is in session... You can see one of the over wintered beds has weed killer on it - nothing worth saving on it.


Oh yes :D my little man with my not so little toy!!

Some precision work! Very impressed.

Compare to the first photo... Power tools in action! Done some strimming/edging of the grass and tillered the left hand side (and a bit of the border next to the path on the left). A little less water and we're ready for planting!

Very chuffed with the tiller. It digs down 6-9 inches quite easily in this soil. Its no substitute for digging - you can see when it skips over the ground, but this ground has been dug and worked, so the tiller just shreds the soil into a nice bed ready for planting.

I'm not sure if it would have saved me much of the hard work I've put in so far - this was the ideal time to get hold of one. Very pleased!

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