Monday, 5 May 2014

Record of what I planted and how it went...

2014 will be the first year I actually make an effort to record what went well... I will try to keep updating this to give myself some thoughts.

Apple tree - went very well - probably golden delicious - but did get scab on fruit. Fungicide recommended (Bordeaux mixture?). Can see a lot of damage on leaves late May - can see scab is in leaves and not just fruit so need to treat at budding stage. Tried Bordeaux mid May but likely way too late.

Garlic - solent wight - planted late 2013 and very strong stemmed by March. Still going well May. Out well before weeds so has been easy (so far) to keep weed free). Looking strong late May.

Mixed lettuce - informative, right? - over wintered under fleece. Could have taken in April, definitely will in May.

Kale - fizz - overwintered well where black kale did not! Expect to bolt as planted late and not up to cropping size. Conclusion - bolted and no crop.

Broccoli - not sure - overwintered but planted too late and bolted before reached any size. Broccoli planted later did best of all the brassicas (doesn't need so much lime?). Haven't cropped yet but heads visible in mid June.

Kale - curly - over wintered ok and at good size but got damp and rotted. Should take more off some plants when young Oct / Nov / Dec to ensure not wasted.

Kale - curly - Reflex F1- planted young in April. Not limed but some extra compost. Had rough start with flooding. Didn't really survive rough start. Combo of varied conditions and planting of small plants mean loss of most plants. Would have benefited from potting on before planting out. June - some survived I hadn't really noticed and starting to do better.

Kale - Black kale - as Reflex - rough start!

Winter lettuce - over wintered very well under fleece. Haven't taken much. Should have planted further apart.

Perpetual spinach beet - as with winter lettuce, should have planted wider apart and allowed to grow. Got some kind of infection while under fleece. Many others didn't fleece and probably got better crops. Need to thin and leave some to grow better. Bolted by late April.

Onion - hercules (sets) - to follow... Appears to be doing well May... Ditto June...

Shallot - Vigarmor (French banana), pink - to follow... Appears to be doing well May... Ditto June...

Shallot - Biztro (spicy, bolt resistant) - to follow... Appears to be doing well May... Ditto June...

Little gem - shop bought and row planted out mid May - far too long in pot. Doing fine mid June

Spinach beet - shop bought and row planted out mid May - far too long in pot. Well spaced and looking gd June

Rainbow chard  - as spinach beet.

Squashes - from seed. Variety planted into soil mixed with compost (some raised) mid June.

Runner beans - planted early - mid June as lost first lot (slugs). Pellets keeping them ok although soil might be too wet? Not really growing very well. Those grown from seed in trainers looking really good (but germination rate seemed low - overwatered seed?

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