Monday, 7 October 2013

7 October

Not long since my last post but an afternoon of digging today. Hurt the wrist unfortunately so might be my last digging for a while!

Dried the spuds off outside and bagged them in paper bags. Not a bad haul - not exactly going to see us through winter, but the above I estimate about half of what we took. Not bad considering the season was so restricted between getting the plot and the abrupt end from blight!

A few shots of the family this time. The bean eater above - always enjoyed himself. The mud eater below, and the wife trying to get the mud out of her mouth!! (Sshh... don't tell anyone)

Yes... Mud on his finger...

The two shots above show the trenching method I chose. I just can't dig the whole plot with muck and break up the clay, so I'm going to try to dig as beds. I marked out some beds, dug out a trench of about a fifth of the bed, and put in a barrow load of compost. I forked this in, then buried it with the soil from the next fifth. Each bed starts by filling the back of the last. I dug 2 this way today. One for over winter brassicas, one for winter lettuce. I've got some fleece, mesh and piping so this weekend hopefully I'll build and plant! Will be ready for winter then.

EDIT: Just had dinner. Fish fingers (not home grown!), spinach (beet), chipped potatoes, cos lettuce and tomatoes (cherry and usual). Plus an apple and blackcurrant crumble to look forward to. Amazing! Thanks go to the wife (who doesn't read this ;) ) for making good use of everything. Thanks also for giving us a squash / bean break...

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