Monday, 18 November 2013

18 November

Day 147...

Ok, so my phone doesn't cope with low light very well. However, you can see the three cloches and the black plastic keeping the weeds down. Today was a quick chance to keep the weeds down and get the covers on before the heavy frosts next week.

The whole family helping out!

Made the last cloche in the twilight. And yes, my three year old now knows how to use a staple gun. Sue me.

The little man really enjoys helping out. "Daddy, thank you for the adventure!" as we left the plot!

Mid November and I was very happy to walk away with a bag of kale, two lettuces (the first of the 'radichio' lettuces) and 2 pak choi (however that is spelt). Not a bad haul considering there is more of each of them and I didn't take any spinach (which is what I went for!).

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