Saturday, 5 October 2013

5 October

The blight cometh!!!

I thought I saw some brown patches 6 days before this. The next day I came down and sprayed the lot with Bordeaux mixture to see if that held it off. The thick foliage was reduced amazingly to the above - mere soggy sticks! The fact that any earth is visible is remarkable considering how thick the foliage was a week ago :(

Anyway, I lifted the lot. Four carriers of spuds on top of 3 I lifted earlier in the week. I'm amazed how quick they all grew.

A bag of spinach and a cos lettuce as well. Not a bad harvest although pretty hard work for what I took away!

Got  a humble reminder about the difference between digging with a spade and a fork today. Tried to break up some of the clay under the spud bed. Think I did a gd job but it was hard going. Must remember to dig with a spade first when breaking up soil in future. A fork was a waste of time until I'd cleared the bottom of each trench at which point the spade was a waste of time!

Only one thing to do with the foliage...

The plot itself looking nice. Was gd to take a lettuce off - will have to see tomorrow how bad the slug damage is. It didn't look bad at all.

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