Saturday, 24 August 2013

Week 9

Just a quick update this week. Finally cleared that scrappy bit at the front (with a bit of help from the wife!). Also put in some random leaves (first bed on right, halfway down). A range of different things - cos, radishio, pak choi - just to see what grows well and what the family uses. The beet leaves sown direct are coming along well, but the lettuce is not - neither here or sown at home. Bit disappointing! Generally I'm finding the rate of weed seed germination is swamping that of my seeds. That's fine, but when sowing lettuce that looks very much like the weeds, its hard to pick them out and weed around them. Currently I'm just relying on my string-marked rows and will hope that my lettuce (if there is any in there) outgrows the weeds. If they've not come up at home, might just be slow to germinate, else seed might be naff (some of it is several years old). I'll buy new for next year anyway, and I've bought some this year already. Still feels easier to raise from seed in trays and transplant for the delicate lettuces.

Left side all looking good. Used Bordeaux mixture on the potatoes to help keep blight away as its starting to rain now after a very dry July. Nice rates from the seed potatoes - not one hole in the rows!

Kale continues to come strong under the netting. The black kale and cabbages I put in the middle doing ok (although may get covered by the kale in due course!). Next year I'll do it the other way round - a few kale plants in the middle will be fine, with some more variety on the outside.

The first runners! Must be within 2 months of planting the small shoots. Split the first one with my son - no string and lovely taste. Am keeping the watering heavy on the beans but really need to make sure I do more of a trench next year as some water is running off the slight mound.

Still thinking about whether to get a second manure load or not...

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