Saturday, 10 August 2013

Week 7

Today was the last of the digging days! Well, not really, but the last time tackling the overgrown beds for now! A big final 2 days to push through the last bed.

Today (10 August) I planted a few leaves to get some green going late in the season. With any luck also winter hardy. Winter density lettuce, lambs lettuce and perpetual spinach. All well spaced in case fleece is required.

Next week I get my first manure load. Fresh I think so plan is to cart it to the back of the plot and mix it with the weeks I've been taking off the plot. Should be a gd mix and should burn the weeds to make sure they are dead too.

Above shows there is still some tidying to be done, but all beds now largely clear and mostly planted.

Potatoes doing well - troughed up and grown out the top.

Beans also filling out. Not setting very well and I've had some questions about how well mine have set, so I presume several people having that problem. Now there are a few more flowers hopefully more pollinators will come. Certainly lots of bees today. Also still lots of ladybirds!

That was today's bed - all done this week and mainly today and two days ago. Will be gd to see how quickly everything comes through - might start looking like a proper allotment soon!

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