Friday, 23 August 2013

Week 8

Late night hoe-ing! All lookin gd but getting hard to get down to the site after the kids are down.

Delivery of manure this week. Its been in a pile since Feb apparently and a mix of cow, calf and goat. I got it from the dairy play farm my son visits regularly (£45 for a trailer load - that went to the guy with the trailer who also has a digger to dig it out and load it under agreement with the farm).

I'm in half mind to get a second load and to leave it in a mound. I managed to shovel and barrow all the manure into my 2 pallets, integrating the fresh-ish manure with the mass of turf and weeds I took off the site. I could leave that and use it as an excellent mulch next year, then use the newer stuff to generally enrich the site. Left hand pallet is pure manure and the right is the mix.

Above and below shows the before and after (yes, before is above, you just can't see the pallets behind the beans!). Its a fair amount of manure - perhaps I've got all I need but the pallets are bigger than I thought! Its a reminder of how much work I've had to do - I 2/3 filled a pallet from the weeds, and the above mound is about 1 pallet load.

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