Monday, 11 August 2014

9 August

Phew... blog up to date... So lets do some comparisons of what 'July' achieved. Generally month and a half between shots - 26 June to 9 August.

Taken from other sides of the plot but squash explosion! Lots of cropping, lots of different types. Only the Bnut not yet got mature fruit.

So this was the last of the space. You can see the grass path above (killed but not dug), and the beans 2 weeks after planting (beetroot down the middle - sowed by J and, er, not thinned ;) ). Great to have got the last of the plot into action.

In the 'old' shot (two above) you could see the edge of the beans and, while not the best plot, you can now see that these have filled out, below. First carrier bag of beans took me by surprise - I didn't realise there was so much on there. French beans really tasty - pleasantly surprised! Didn't think I had a runner / french preference, and don't remember last year's being that great. You can also see some lines of seed gone in below (winter lettuce, chard, beet and beetroot).

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