Monday, 11 August 2014

26 July

Sooo... Spot the problem? ITS EMPTY! Well, a little bit... The squash patch is back right - that's going great. The Strawberries I didn't get in early enough due to rain (and so gave up after a while anyway). But in a few months, what of this is still going to be going? Must... extend... season...

Few of my seeds worked in the garden. I think it was a lack of water and baking sunshine. I think things germinated, but baked soon afterwards so I didn't even see anything on the surface. That said, I'm sick of half full packs of 5 year old seeds. From now on it will be one pack per row.

Sooo... I spent 3 hours driving round the New Forest looking for a nursery that still had crops for sale. They generally laughed and said I was much to late to buy - absolute bull. Finally got the answer out of one where I spoke to a fellow allotmenteer who told me that everyone had lost their crops due to the weather and so had bought second waves, clearing out the local stores. She also had bare space on her plot. But I found someone and bought some more brassicas, leaves and beans.

Squashes everywhere :D Going great. Need to watch which are getting mildew. Interestingly I'm seeing the Bnut at the back of the plot working really well but that at the front much less so.

Nasty, boring, wasteful space... But wait for it...

Boom :D location chosen by the little man (smack in the middle... *sigh*). I'll be interested to see if it is too late. I don't really see why it should be. If August is like July I'll be eating beans in September.

Took a nice sized bag of shallots and onions.

Weeded out the beetroot and was pleased I did - I nearly trashed the lot thinking they were swamped in weeds. Had a few baby beets - victims of the weeding, but generally did great. Really pleased as beetroot is healthy, tasty and super colourful - all good kiddy fodder...

The 'old' beans beginning the get there - at the top of the poles but generally thin. I'm beginning to think that some of the green french beans were not climbers - the beans are much thicker at the bottom. There are three different types - green french, purple french (definitely climbing) and green runner.

The new brassicas gone in, above, and some nicely hearting cabbages, below. Hope that when I take them they are good inside :D

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