Saturday, 14 June 2014

14 June

Got down the plot again properly today which was great - 3 hours. It was getting too far behind waiting for the dry, but there wasn't much I could do about the weather! A bit of inspiration from Dad who came and did a bit yesterday

RIP old friend... I'll keep the tray - its proving quite a useful tray although shifting compost not so good for my back. Might need to pick up a new one for father's day (hint hint... Oh bugger, forgot noone reads this...).

Well, I got into the new compost and was so pleased! Its not perfect, but some of it has only have about 8 months.

Nice to see some green string in there again :D Planted rocket, radishes, beetroot and looooads of squash plants that had been grown from seed at home. Still got loads left - might pot some up and see how they go! I'm expecting slug damage...

Hmm... Put my chillies in. Not sure why! Might be a bit of a waste of space. Really should put some herbs in. Lettuce isn't great but mixed with a nice herb salad... Well, maybe I can just grow more in the pots at home! Got a bowl of basil and cos right next to me :)

Thought I'd try this... Three squashes. The trailing one (Bnut) is on the ground in the middle. The courgettes are raised. Firstly it should help flooding- the raised squashes should survive. Plus it gives a bit of variety - if a dry season now then the raised squashes will suffer, although there again, they will be easy to water direct. Lets see!

Oh yes - and mental note - I may think I can put sun cream on my own back but... I can't. At all. Bugger.

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  1. It was lovely to see it 'in the flesh'. Keep on truckin'!